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I was born into a very large family of ten, my place in this world of siblings is number nine.

My mother was a full-time mother who also managed a business and a husband who struggled with alcohol issues. My father was a functioning alcoholic and it would take many years before I would gain an understanding of what that truly meant.

My father had many sides to his character, he was a warm, generous, funny, giving, friendly and a hardworking man, but most importantly he was a father and a husband.

When he drank, he became the other person, whom I will describe as sad, angry and silent with a sad far away look in his eyes. 


When I became an adult, I had a deeper desire to understand my father and so I set out on my own journey of discovery, with one question always at the forefront of my mind - Why?


Why was my father not able to stop his self-destructive behaviour? Why was he unable to make the changes that he needed to make, in order to save his life?



My journey began through my training as a Counsellor and this led me, not only to a better understanding of the person he was, but I also gained an understanding of myself and the influence and impact that the past can have on the present.  But, most importantly, I began to understand that the past does not have to define who I am and who I could be, my choices and my future.

I’ve been a Counsellor for the past 20 Years and in that time, I have been dedicated to helping people through the Counselling Process to live life with a positive outlook, to develop and grow emotionally and to become the best version of themselves.

I believe that we are all uniquely different and our perspectives, expectations, and needs are also unique. As a Counsellor, I respect these differences and I am open to working with my Clients to find a solution to their problem. The Client and Counsellor relationship must be based on open and honest dialogue if the working partnership is to work well.

My aim is to support my Clients to gain a different perspective on their personal circumstances. I strongly believe that this can be achieved with empathy, respect, and acceptance of the individual and the presenting problems. I am here to walk beside my Clients as a guide to help them to unlock the answers inside.


Tailored sessions that fit your needs: Our first session will be an initial face to face meeting or alternatively a telephone assessment. We will discuss your concerns and reasons for wanting to start Counselling.

Therapy should be a positive experience and our first meeting is purely to ensure that we can work together. Should we agree to proceed, we will agree a convenient time and date to begin your Counselling Sessions.

What to expect from Counselling? During your Counselling sessions, you will have a safe space to express your feelings. You will be free to express your concerns with me, and by doing so I can help you gain a better understanding of how your thoughts and feelings and the situation is affecting your life. The Counselling processes, will help you to identify ways to find your own solutions to the problem. It can be emotionally liberating to share your worries and fears with another person who acknowledges your thoughts and feelings.


I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - Register No. 386872

Member No. 00919208.

I am qualified in the management of drug and alcohol misuse, achieving a Drug Management Certificate from the Royal College of General Practitioners and a Diploma in Person-Centered Counselling.

I am a Person-Centered Counsellor, but also work in an integrative way, by this I mean I will combine different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit your individual needs

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